Whether you’re a 40-year industry veteran or you’re brand new to your profession … a successful CEO or just starting your own business … a stay-at-home parent or a new college student… your life will undergo a massive and permanent transformation at Breakthrough to SuccessI personally guarantee it.

who should attend

Who will benefit most from this training—and how?

Watch the video to learn more about who can benefit from attending Breakthrough to Success

I want you to meet just a few of the people
who attended BTS last August in Arizona…

  • A woman who’d just earned her MBA and ended her marriage in the same month – and was contemplating her next steps in life
  • An MLM entrepreneur who’s one of the top sellers in her state and wants to be one of the top sellers nationally by the end of 2015
  • A soon-to-be-retired teacher who wants to finish writing the two books he’s working on and relocate to South America for part of the year
  • A woman from Zaire whose best friend had come to Breakthrough to Success and was now living the life of her dreams, running a non-profit shelter for women and girls escaping abusive relationships
  • A writer and musician who’s preparing to open a Broadway musical in 2016
  • A stay-at-home mom who’s trying to find more purpose and meaning in her life
  • A lawyer who’s approaching retirement and wants to make sure the next chapter of his life is full of abundance, joy, and purpose
  • A corporate executive who realized that what she really wants to do is leave the corporate world and devote her life to working with children
  • A successful entrepreneur looking to recover from a bad deal that jeopardized his business and made him lose faith in humanity for a while
  • A teacher who wants to do the best possible job of raising her students’ self-esteem and inspiring them to create successful lives for themselves
  • A woman who’s in the process of launching a mentoring program for foster children and is way out of her comfort zone because she’s never done anything like that before
  • Siblings dealing with the recent death of their mother and recovering from a lifetime of judgment and condemnation at her hands
  • A university student who’s searching to discover what he wants to do with his life after graduation

… And hundreds other motivated and enthusiastic individuals.

take the leap and join us at Breakthrough to Success

All of them come from drastically different backgrounds and had their own unique goals and dreams to achieve.

But they all had one thing in common: they were all inspired to take the leap, move beyond their comfort zones, and improve their lives – and those of others as well.

“This program was amazing and surpassed my high expectations in every way. I recommend it for everyone no matter where you are in life.”
– Melissa J. Shea, BTS 2014 attendee


Make huge changes...

You are motivated to make huge changes in your life

make more $$$

You want to make more money and enjoy a more abundant life

capable of doing great things

You know you’re capable of doing great things… you just aren’t sure what they are

revitalize your career

You want to revitalize your career or take it in a new direction

You want to create a healthier work-life balance for yourself

take it to the next lvel

You are ready to take your life to the next level of personal and professional success

improve your relationships

You want to improve your relationships – both personal and professional

purpose and direction

You’re looking for more direction and purpose in your life

make your BIG plans happen

You have big, ambitious plans for yourself but have no idea how to put them into action

from attending this life-changing event:

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Entrepreneurs will…

Develop greater confidence in promoting your products and services

Increase the flow of income into your life… so you have the money you need to start, grow, expand, multiply or reignite your business

Attract and recognize lucrative business and investment opportunities

Discover proven strategies for turning negative situations into launch pads for success and growth

Expand your thinking … and learn how thinking BIG will immediately bring you BIG results

Connect more easily with potential customers… and better manage relationships both at work and at home

Gain tools you can use to lead, inspire and empower your team

Master the Law of Attraction … and discover why most people achieve only limited success

Navigate the challenges your business faces as a result of economic and industry changes

Unleash your creativity and innovation to develop new solutions for your customers

Increase your organizational and time-management skills … so you can take more time off or have more time to focus on building the business

Sales Professionals and Network Marketers

Sales Professionals and Network Marketers will…

 Permanently and effortlessly eliminate the fear of rejection

 Overcome any resistance you have to cold-calling

 Attract the kinds of buyers you want

 Increase your motivation and commitment

 Release the limiting beliefs that are artificially limiting your success

 Connect more easily with prospective customers

 Easily highlight the benefits of your products or services

  Become a more trusted and persuasive sales professional

 Substantially increase your commissions and annual income

 Enjoy greater wealth, influence, and power in your life

 Earn the respect of your peers and fellow distributors

Speakers, Trainers, Authors, and Coaches

Speakers, Trainers, Authors, and Coaches will…

Gain clarity about where you’re headed in your career … even if training and inspiring others is brand-new for you

Be more comfortable in the spotlight … and recognize the true value of your message

Put yourself in your students’ or clients’ shoes … and experience first-hand the transformation that can occur through the type of teaching you offer

Practice more than 100 different techniques, processes, and exercises you can integrate into your speeches, seminars, workshops and trainings to make them more powerful and effective

Gain a simple way to ask for (and receive) higher speaking fees

Boost your confidence … so you are able to recognize and seize big opportunities that come your way

Stay motivated on accomplishing the day-to-day tasks that are necessary to getting you into the spotlight, onto bookshelves and in front of audiences

CEOs, Managers and Supervisors

CEOs, Managers and Supervisors will…

 Create a compelling vision for your employees

 Inspire your team to perform to the best of their abilities

 Encourage communication and cooperation among team members

 Attract and keep top talent (and learn how to keep them highly motivated so that staff turnover is reduced)

ü Identify the best way to appreciate your staff

 Improve your conflict resolution skills in the workplace

Use the principles of success (and discover how you can better manage people to achieve success for themselves, your department and the company at large)

Discover the significance of Free, Focus, and Buffer days

 Conduct more efficient and effective staff meetings

 Better delegate and prioritize

 Create more time off

 Minimize negativity in the workplace

 Quickly find solutions to problems … and find the silver lining in every situation

High School, College, and University Students

High School, College, and University Students will…

 Discover your life’s purpose … and select work that allows you to remain true to your calling

 Improve your organizational and time-management skills… so you can effortlessly meet school, work and athletic commitments

 Create more balance in your life while you’re in school… and beyond

 Strengthen your relationships with friends, family, and teachers

 Discover techniques that will help you get higher grades in school… and achieve success in any career you choose

 Increase your athletic performance

 Deal with high-stress environments and heavy workloads

 Perform better on tests and quizzes

 Nurture your self-esteem and confidence… so you can easily cope with any challenges life throws your way

 Discover your authentic self… and be more comfortable being yourself in all situations

Gain leadership skills that will help you stand out in any group


Parents will…

 Understand how to teach The Success Principles to your family

 Nurture your children’s self-esteem and self-confidence

 Help your children and family members focus on the positive instead of the negative

 Discover ways to create an income while staying at home

 Identify the way to best demonstrate your love for each member of your family

Enhance communication – even about tough subjects – to strengthen relationships

 Build trust with your kids… and confidence in your abilities as a parent

 Recognize the unique needs that each member of your family has… plus determine how to meet their needs while, at the same time, teaching them independence and self-reliance

Better appreciate and acknowledge your family

 Release negative emotions … and help your kids do the same

Therapists, Psychologists and Other Mental Health Professionals

Therapists, Psychologists and Other Mental Health Professionals will…

 Discover more than 100 techniques that you can integrate into your professional practice with individuals or groups.

 Experience a model of how to work successfully with much larger groups, which will allow you to expand your income

 Learn how to perform a guided meditation or visualization

 Practice a technique that will help your clients cure any phobia in less than 5 minutes

Experience a revolutionary process for releasing negative emotions effortlessly … so you can help patients achieve the results they want more quickly

People searching for direction and purpose in their life

People searching for direction and purpose in their life will…

Create a personal “master plan” for your life

 Gain confidence in trusting your built-in inner guidance system

 Overcome your fears… and tap into your innate power

 Improve and enjoy your relationships

 Connect with a group of like-minded people who will support you throughout the next year

 Unearth the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck … and permanently eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors

 Create and follow a clear set of goals

 Identify negative habits and learn to erase them forever

 Design and implement the life of your dreams

to amplify and accelerate your results

To accelerate and amplify your own success, why not attend with one or more buddies such as your spouse or partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, co-worker, friend, or even your son or daughter?

Your buddy can become your “accountability partner,” and the two of you can continue your work together once you return home. In fact, when two or more members of the same family, same company, or same network attend the training, you get the extra value of sharing the new concepts, beliefs, perspectives and approaches to life. This synergetic effect actually accelerates the achievement of your goals—both during the training and once you return home.

Bringing a partner is not mandatory, but it is – without a doubt – a tremendous benefit.

When you book your place today, you can reserve a second seat for more than 30% off the regular price.


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“HUGE Impact on My Business”

Amina Makhdoom

“I walked into BTS with a successful life by anyone’s standards, but felt like something was missing, some larger purpose or genuine joy in what I do and my interactions with others. In one week, I re-discovered my true self buried under all the beliefs of how I ought to be… this is the perfect place to get clarity to take your life to the next level and way beyond!” 

Amina Makhdoom
President, Fresnel Consulting
Laguna Beach, CA

“Everything I hoped for and more”

Bob Palmer

“I have wanted to do the BTS training for 4 years, and just went with my gut last December, and signed both my lovely bride and myself up. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Every day was better than the day before and I didn’t want it to end. Jack is great. His people are great. The whole experience was fantastic.”

Bob Palmer 
High School Teacher and
Business Owner
Screamin’ Eagle Video Productions

“Recommended for families!”

Kathy Gruhn

“We go through life wondering what we want to be when we grow up. Jack’s course gives you the tools and self- confidence to find your purpose and put you on the path of success. I wish I would have had this experience in my youth – but you are never too old to learn! I highly recommend this experience for the whole family.”

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn 
Speech Pathologist
Author of the “My Baby Compass” series

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Participate fully in the training for all 5 days to see how powerful this program can be.

If you are not fully delighted with the experience, simply speak with Jack personally at the end of the last day
and we will cheerfully refund your tuition – every penny.

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