BTS 2014

Marilyn Suttle

The transformation was SO huge…

"One of the things I love about Jack and his company is his ability to listen to those he serves, and adapt his training to offer current, relevant content in a format that works well for people. I first took BTS is 2000 (called FSS back then). The transformation was so huge, my husband went the following year, and my son attended in 2005. It was his high school graduation gift. Not that he wanted it, but his grades jumped up dramatically in college and he attributes BTS to his college success. The inspiring community of people you meet, and experience you have will stay with you always."

Marilyn Suttle
Success Coach, Communications Expert and Bestselling Author
Who's Your Gladys

Ricardo Garcia

You can’t afford to miss it…

"Breakthrough to Success has been one of the most transformational experiences in my life. One rarely takes time to not only reflect on one's life, but also chart a new route for the future. BTS gives you that experience, with processes that help you clear obstacles, gain clarity, and create what's next. And on top of that, you get to build a success team with whom to continue your growth for years to come. If you want to take your life and success to the next level, then BTS is for you. You can't afford to miss it. Period."

Ricardo Garcia
Life Coach, Success Trainer & Enrepreneurship Facilitator
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Audra Clay

Simple, Effective, Powerful…

"You will never regret it! BTS 2012 was MAGIC for me. I came to BTS unemployed. Within 24 hours of setting a conscious intention, I had my first sponsor for future training. Within 2 months I had a new job, in my chosen field, at a promoted level and a 33% pay raise! Jack's training is simple, effective, and powerful. Come join us!"

Audra Clay
Success Coach, Speaker and Trainer
Atlanta, GA

Ashley Kartchner

Jack helped me find my voice, my intuition and my purpose…

"Bluntly put - I am 27, I thought I knew what I wanted, where I wanted to go, and how I was going to get there...but why was everything I was doing so hard? Breakthrough to Success with Jack Canfield in 2012 opened my eyes to the answer to that question. Whatever you might think you will get out of this, times it by 10. I don't have to TRY and change things in my life for the better now, it just happens. Jack helped me find my voice, my intuition, and my purpose. My life ebbs and flows with the challenges, and rewards that come from jumping on MY own path. I didn't realize how hard things were, until they were this easy. BIG THANKS to Jack, and his awesome team!"

Ashley Kartchner
Santa Barbara, CA

Cindy Whitmer

Jack helped me fulfill my destiny...

"For several years I have had an overwhelming desire to help create a shift in Corporate America and help bring passion, purpose and heart to the workplace. Jack Canfield's program helped provide a platform for me to do just that! In addition, it helped me develop the confidence and skill set to finally write my new book. I was not prepared for the life-altering shift that has occurred through Jack's unique process. The resources and relationships I have developed through this program will be with me for a lifetime. Jack Canfield helped me identify the key to real joy!"

Cindy Ertman
National Sales Manager, RPM Mortgage
President, Platinum Capital


Jack Gave Me Clarity and Courage...

"I attended Jack's Breakthrough to Success training with a goal of figuring out how I would write my book. My week with Jack, gave me the clarity, the courage - and the road map to move forward. 14 months later, I published my first book: Networking is a Contact Sport. The book became a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-sellers. I don't think any of that would have happened without my experience with Jack at Breakthrough to Success. When I look at things, I study the return on investment. And the return on investment for my week at BTS is off the charts - both in time and money!"

Joe Sweeney
Entrepreneur, Investment Banker and Bestselling Author
Networking is a Contact Sport


I reached my financial objectives and deepened my relationships...

"My experience at BTS was amazing! I loved all the exercises and how Jack structured the week to really have us get the most out of it and to grow. What happened for me was that all the goals, all of the realizations and all of the learning I got at BTS contributed to my achieving the goals I set for myself in just 3 short months, when I thought it would take a year! I had reached my financial objectives, deepened relationships, and found I was much more in touch with myself - discovering what was working in my life, and not working in my life, so I could make a change for success."

Pamela Bruner
Business Success Coach and EFT Expert
Co-author Tapping into Ultimate Success


It's a fantastic life...

"You'll learn more about creating success for yourself in seven days than you've learned in a lifetime up till now. I've used these principles repeatedly throughout my life and I'm enjoying an exciting career, earning more than I ever dreamed possible, working with some of the most successful people on Earth and earning the accolades of my peers. It is a fantastic life!"

Marci Shimoff
Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason


A Mind, Body, Spirit vacation…

"Breakthrough to Success is a mind, body a spirit vacation in a beautiful setting, supported and surrounded by like-minded people that gives you the opportunity to re-charge your life, and get clear about where you're heading!"

- Carol Talbot
NLP Expert, Master Trainer & Professional Speaker
Matrix Training Solutions, Dubai, UAE

Living a rich, full and more meaningful life...

"BTS was an amazing experience to say the least. It was a chance to really focus on where I am going, how to get there and how to push through the roadblocks that stand in the way. BTS has helped me along the road to a much more rich, full and meaningful life. Thank you Jack!"

- Dr. Kenneth Cole
Founder, SuccessTalks Training & Coaching

I gave my son the gift of BTS…

"My heart continues to be filled with gratitude that I gifted my son with the experience of BTS 2011. Sharing this work with him is a memory that I will cherish forever, and so will he. Eleven days later I hear something in his voice that I have never heard before… I hear inspiration, determination, and dedication to his dream, his goals. We were just one of the many parent child "teams" at BTS. Hopefully this will be a growing trend. The world needs more of this work."

- Kathy Sparrow
Transformational Success Coach, San Diego, CA

Romero Marquez

The Results are Skyrocketing My Life...

"Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success was more than just a 7 day training for me, it was a 7 day revolutionary life-changing experience. Prior to attending, I wasn't completely satisfied with the results I have created for myself as a speaker, success coach, and performer. But after attending this unforgettable journey and implementing powerful success tools I learned from Jack, miracles and results began to skyrocket in my life. I'm consistently receiving opportunities to speak and conduct workshops & seminars nationally and internationally. I'm headlining in newspapers because of my on-going run of an inspirational one-man show I wrote, directed, and performed (a dream I've always had in my heart). I'm also currently directing and writing a television series to inspire teens that dreams can come true. These goals, dreams, and miracles are all owed to attending Breakthrough to Success. Because of Jack Canfield's work I know I'm not just leaving a mark here on earth with my gifts and talents. I'm going to leave a legacy. I know everybody else can too if they just show up. Like I tell my colleagues and audiences, "It's time."

Romeo Marquez Jr.
Youth Motivational Speaker/Success Coach/Director
Hayward, Ca USA


I have found my life purpose!

"Thank you for a wonderful time. I have now found my life purpose and it is amazing how the "How" keeps coming to me. Every day I get new inspiration and I am looking forward to this coming year (and years). Thank you so much all of you for your love, your commitment, your inspiration, your helpfulness and the work your are doing which has really changed my life!"

-Lotte Vesterli
Occupational therapist, Denmark


I flew 27 hours from India to attend and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

"While I came to Breakthrough to Success with a great life already, I knew I wanted to uplevel it and truly find my life purpose. Within the first 2 days, I realized exactly what my life purpose was and have continued to grow in HUGE ways since leaving the training. I've increased my income by 10 times, and did this within 8 months, but more importantly, I'm a better mother, wife, and friend since attending. I strongly recommend anyone take this course - no matter where you are in life- you will learn, grow, transform, and leave with all the tools to create the life you want. Jack is giving you something that truly no money can justify. I flew 27 hours from India to attend this course and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!"

Puja Gupta
Life by Design
Chennai, India

Our business doubled in six months after leaving BTS!

"I believe and recommend this course to absolutely everyone. Our business doubled in six months after leaving Breakthrough to Success! This course empowers and instills clarity for all who attend. Jack and staff are absolutely the most sincere group of people I have ever worked with."

Doug Wittal
President of DW Builders
Kamloops, British Columbia


The best week of my life…

"This is one of the best weeks I've ever had, in terms of learning about myself, my purpose in life, my blocks to success and breaking through them. The people who attend are all absolutely amazing, and friendships are formed that will last a lifetime. Bring a friend… or better yet, your life partner or adult child. Just come, and be prepared for one of the most transformational weeks of your life!"

- Jacki Long-Prah
Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, and Speaker

My Marriage is Stronger Than Ever...

"Today, my marriage is stronger than ever and I have turned a dream into a reality. My aim was to work with people and their organizations and to wind down my finance company. I thought it would take years. However, with the tools learned at your course, I now have a speaking and consulting business that is second to none. I was just voted Speaker of the Year by the Academy for Chief Executives. Thank you for allowing me to achieve my dream. More importantly, my kids thank you for the new Dad they have."

Nigel Risner
Award-Winning Speaker, Author and Executive Coach
London, England


HUGE Impact on My Business...

"I walked into BTS with a successful life by anyone's standards, but felt like something was missing, some larger purpose or genuine joy in what I do and my interactions with others. In one week, I re-discovered my true self buried under all the beliefs of how I ought to be. This had a huge impact on my business, where I lived (I decided to pick-up myself and my business and moved it across the country) and my relationships with family and friends. If you are unsure what is next or are just not thrilled with your life right now, this is the perfect place to get clarity to take your life to the next level and way beyond!"

Amina Makhdoom
President, Fresnel Consulting
Laguna Beach, CA

More Love, Joy and Freedom in My Life

"Since attending Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success I have experienced more joy, love and freedom in all areas of my life. Before attending I was struggling with finding meaning in my life. Through Jack's cadre of exercises, his authentic sharing, and the support of the BTS community I was finally able to discover why I am alive. Having attended many seminars and workshops over the years I can honestly say that spending a week with Jack is the best time I've ever had. If you are looking to expand your experience of life you must attend Breakthrough to Success!"

Marvin Towler
Founder, Transformational Fitness

Outstanding training, unlike any other…

"This is an outstanding training, unlike any other I have attended. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for guidance in their personal or professional life. You will leave with the tools to succeed! Know that it is not finding a purpose, but Having a purpose in your life!"

-Tanya Batche, RDLD
Dir of Dining and Nutrition, National Healthcare Company

I Am the Man I Always Wanted to Be

"Success comes easier to me now and is much more enjoyable. My income has more than doubled. I enjoy large amounts of free time with my wife, kids and friends and, best of all, I can honestly say I am the man I have always wanted to be."

Dan Egelund
RE/MAX Broker-Owner
Tooele, UT

My Business has Kicked into High-Gear!

"Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success training was the push I needed to take my business to the next level. I kept thinking about things I wanted to put into action, but I didn't. I was in a rut. Upon returning from Jack's training, I had the tools and motivation necessary to kick into high gear. The month after attending I doubled my income and launched a home-study program, started a blog and e-newsletter, began podcasting, completely redid my website and raised my rates by 33%! I'm grateful to Jack Canfield for providing such a meaningful and well-delivered seminar that truly changes lives."

Leah Grant
Master Certified Coach
Business and Marketing Strategist for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Extraordinarily Profound Experience

"Before attending, I was stuck, struggling with relationships and a habitual procrastinator. I wasn't setting goals and didn't really have a vision. Overall life was good, but I wanted more. Breakthrough to Success was a profound experience for me, and had a great deal of impact on my life. I'm not afraid to take chances now, and I see what happens when you take action and stop thinking about it. I have more clarity of vision, I know what I want to do, and I know the path and journey I'm on now. It's truly an extraordinarily profound experience that everyone should experience in their lifetime."

John Tedeschi
Director of Performance, R & D, Beauty Avenue
Columbus, OH

I Became Part of Something Great

"I am so thankful for the experience and all that I learned. I attended with a goal to finish a book I was writing. I thought I was good at goal setting, but I learned so much more about how to effectively set goals that would allow me to turn my dreams into reality. Thanks to Jack, his wonderful staff, and all the friends I made at BTS, I was able to finish my book and now equipped and confident with the tools to succeed and self-assured to take on the world. I became part of an elite club of dreamers and achievers, in short, I became a part of something great!"

Sandra Elaine Scott
Author of In Memory of A Saint: Lessons From My Mother
Millis, MA

Life is So Much Easier...

"When I decided to go to Jack's seven day course, there were all sorts of different challenges in my life at that time. After spending seven days with Jack, suddenly things became much clearer, life became so much easier, and life's challenges became easier to deal with. Since then, I've been teaching Jack's principles to my staff and seeing of all sorts of changes happening in our store and business is getting better, too! Just being able to handle problems and approach challenges from a different angle has made such a difference in our lives, and that's really the biggest advantage."

Rick Kurzac
President, Home Hardware
Kamloops, British Columbia

Mandatory for Everyone...

"Breakthrough to Success is a life changing experience. These workshops should be mandatory for everyone."

Anthea Moffat
Speaker, Trainer & Business Coach
Perth, Western Australia

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