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Why is it 5 Days long?

If you’ve been through other trainings, you already know it seems hard to make a permanent, lasting change in your life. That’s because most events are didactic (a speaker or lecturer talking at you) instead of Experiential (which means you are part of the event, and are discovering and creating the change yourself). It takes more than a weekend to shift your life; it takes more than a day or two to “un-do yourself”.

Breakthrough to Success is an Experiential training, and it has enough duration to allow you to get rid of your old “stuff”, and replace it with new “stuff” that supports the outcomes you want in your life.

You’ve heard the story of the world being created in 5 days; imagine the power of the metaphor that you are going to re-create your own personal world in 5 days. Isn’t that inspiring?

In less than one week’s time, Jack will introduce you to ALL the abundance that’s available to you – and help you define total abundance for yourself. You’ll begin to experience more of life’s riches starting the minute you return home from the program.

How is BTS Different From Other Success Seminars?

BTS is not just another feel-good “pep rally” experience. Ever had that experience, where you leave a “seminar” feeling great but realize a few weeks later that nothing has really changed?

Well, BTS is different. It’s a complete participatory experience… You’ll actually feel and see things change right before your very eyes. You’ll participate in very special exercises that will help you to make major shifts and life changes quickly and easily.

Those other events are helpful, as you have no doubt already learned. But to get more lasting change imbedded in your life you need to go deeper. You need to get at the core of what’s holding you back from implementing what you’ve learned.

The important difference between Breakthrough to Success and other events is that we simply spend more time (5 days) to remove those “stops” from your life, so you can implement, change, and transform in a way you have never experienced at other events.

Plus, while most other success trainers teach you to immediately “hit the gas pedal” – by setting goals, forming mastermind groups, doing affirmations and more – we’re going to do the in-depth work necessary to help you release the past, so the future can show up more fully.

Finally, unlike a lot of the “wealth” trainings you may have attended, Breakthrough to Success focuses on the “complete you”. There’s more to the abundant life than just money. If money is all you focus on, you’ll be completely out of balance and nothing else will seem right.

Does this resonate with you?

What Can I Expect to Get From Attending This Event?

You can expect to finally make the “big changes” you desire in your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial changes that truly make you into a new person.

THAT’S A BOLD STATEMENT. But here’s why we are confident making the claim…

Many Breakthrough to Success Alumni attend other seminars prior to discovering this one. They (and perhaps you) know what happens at these other brief events. You get all “pumped up” and excited about the future—then you return to your day-to-day life with all the questions, challenges, problems and deadlines.

Not with Breakthrough to Success.

Because you’ll actually learn and apply the tools, resources and responses you need to help you accomplish them while you’re at the training!

This time around your actions will be different, your responses will be different, you’ll see opportunities differently, and your outcomes will change.

How Does The Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Our Money-Back Guarantee is designed to exceed your expectations and satisfaction.

Attend the entire 5 days, and take part in every session. Work through the powerful exercises, examine your core beliefs, and design a new life for yourself.

If at the end of the 5 days you don’t agree that your every expectation has been met, if you haven’t made major changes in your life, your mind, and your heart… if you’re not thoroughly convinced that BTS is worth much more than the price of tuition, simply let Jack Canfield know before you leave to return home, and we’ll refund your full tuition amount. Period.

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you where you want to be?

Have you accomplished all you thought you would by now?

Do you have the career you want?

Are you in the relationships you’ve longed for?

Are you enjoying the lifestyle, travel, weekends and leisure pursuits you dreamed you would one day enjoy?

If not, Breakthrough to Success will allow you to up-level every aspect of your life and lifestyle…

You can reach maximum levels of performance and achievement. They’re attainable by anyone. Yet most people have never learned the proven self-empowerment tools and time-tested performance strategies that are the basis for personal and professional success.

If any of this resonates with you—then this training is exactly what you need right now. You don’t think it’s an accident that you’re reading this page, do you?

Is This Just The Same Information I Read in the Success Principles, watched in The Secret, or heard on your Audio Programs?

Breakthrough to Success is not “information” – it’s “transformation”.

It’s an experience that leads you through the process of finally changing your reality to match your vision. For many (perhaps for you), it will be the first time you’ve truly clarified your vision.

While you may have heard me talking about this in my audio programs, or you read about it in by book The Success Principles or watched the Secret… this is different.

The Books, DVDs and Audio Programs are maps. BTS is the actual Journey. There is a world of difference.

This Training will be deeply satisfying to you especially if you have watched the Secret and haven’t quite figured out how to put the Law of Attraction to work.

The Success Principles™ we will be experiencing at Breakthrough To Success are the mechanism that will put the Law of Attraction to practical work in your life.

Can I Speak to Someone By Phone If I Have a Specific Question?

If you don’t already know that this event is absolutely for you, we would love to answer your questions by phone.

Please call our Team at (805) 881-5190 and we’d be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Jack’s 100%  Satisfaction Guarantee

We invite you to attend Breakthrough to Success at no risk whatsoever.
Participate fully in the training for all 5 days to see how powerful this program can be.

If you are not fully delighted with the experience, simply speak with Jack personally at the end of the last day
and we will cheerfully refund your tuition – every penny.

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