BTS 2014

A 5-Day Adventure That Produces Lasting and Profound Transformation


Jack’s committed to putting as much value into every hour as humanly possible, meeting with you and the other attendees every day from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. There is a twenty-minute break every two hours and one-hour lunch break. The course itself consists of short lectures and experiential exercises, as well as partner processes, small group exercises, guided visualizations, meditations, writing exercises, physical exercises, cooperative games, large group processes, personal sharing, emotional releasing exercises, and personal work with Jack.

These interactive experiences are the primary reason that Breakthrough to Success produces such immense results. Lectures transfer information – but it’s only when you put the information into practice that you make profound shifts in your beliefs, behaviors and outcomes. Although the days are long – they must be in order to accomplish everything on the agenda in only 5 days – they are also fast-paced and fun. Everything is done with a lot of love and humor.

Take a Look at Just a Sampling of What You’ll Experience

  • How to identify what you really want (and the surprising reasons why it may be different from what you think it is).
  • The main reason most people resist change ... and how to overcome this natural tendency to create bigger results.
  • Innovative ways to motivate yourself to get started, keep going, and most importantly, complete what you start so you actually get the rewards you want (not the same old "say your affirmations" stuff you've heard so often).
  • The 3 kinds of “time” to incorporate into your life to boost your overall productivity, take bigger steps toward your goals, and keep yourself refreshed and energized.
  • Proven tactics that instantly allow you to push through fear and take action!!
  • Discover the often-misunderstood power of Mastermind Alliances... plus, learn how to get nearly anyone you want to gladly join your mastermind group—helping you get what you want.
  • The real reason that successful people are fanatical about forgiving others ... and a 6-step process for fully releasing the past so you can embrace the future.
  • How to find... and stay focused on... your core genius, which is where your greatest leverage for success lies.
  • How to stop settling for less than what you want, and start getting more of what you deserve. (You’ll learn how to say "no" to the good so you can say "yes" to the great.)
  • An easy technique to help your kids boost their self-esteem (this takes less than 5 minutes to implement ... but will produce results for a lifetime).
  • Daily disciplines that will produce effortless success (if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed about all you "should" do ... have no fear – Jack will tell you which habits are most essential).
  • How to ask for (and get) everything you want. (You've heard the maxim, "Ask and you shall receive"... now learn the right way to ask!)
  • 6 key questions to ask yourself to fine-tune your life – use this to ensure that everything is exactly the way you want it.
  • How bad habits, negative thoughts, procrastination and lack of motivation hold you back ... and a powerfully effective set of techniques to dissolve all of these problems once and for all (so they never come back to haunt you again).
  • The top 5 reasons most people refuse to set goals ... and the truth about how much it costs you when you don’t utilize this tool.
  • The single best way to successfully deal with setbacks, failures, and defeats. (Once you learn this secret, you'll not only be able to deal with adversity, you'll take any adversity and turn it into an equal or greater benefit.)
  • A simple – yet profoundly effective meditation practice that anyone can learn ... and the surprising reason why daily meditation is one of the most essential tools for creating greater success.
  • How to take 100% responsibility for your life, how this simple assertion can radically change your life, and how to avoid unhealthy guilt and shame around assuming “responsibility.”
  • Secrets of developing and trusting both your intuition and your reasoning abilities (and how to know when you should rely on each).
  • Why success seems to come easily and automatically to some people (you've likely known some of them yourself), and how—with a few changes—you can attract the same phenomena.
  • The importance of celebrating your victories as a way to ensure future success (and how to avoid the trap of over-indulging in self-congratulation). Once you master this, you can put guilt away forever.
  • How to identify your unique life purpose - one that brings meaning and passion to your life—and how to align your life to pursue and benefit from that purpose.
  • The secrets of shifting your attitude and beliefs from "I can’t" to "I can"—and how to turn your inner critic into your inner coach.
  • The "Magic Tactic" to eliminate negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, and how to construct and utilize powerful affirmations that accelerate your success. (This single technique, which you will experience in the training, will not only create a huge shift in your outcomes, it will make everything you do easier.)
  • How to use the power of emotions to mobilize energy and increase your motivation.
  • Door-opening techniques to access powerful mentors and friends... giving your access to people who will open more doors for you.
  • How to prepare now to be instantly ready when opportunity comes knocking.
  • The real power of visualization and how to use it to get what you want in life. (Don't worry if you've tried it before and couldn't seem to make it work. Jack will show you exactly how to do it, based on the latest research, in a way that guarantees it will work for you.)
  • The Club you need to drop out of (most people are "members"… especially the ones who think they aren’t) - plus how to instantly surround yourself with people who support your success.
  • How you can cure 99% of all fears, phobias, and anxieties in five minutes or less using new breakthrough techniques combining acupressure, kinesiology and visualization.

Plus so much more that will have immediate impact on your life!

These are the same techniques, strategies and tools that Jack shares with his corporate clients, who pay over $30,000 for a one-day seminar. You'll get the same information (and more) – plus a much more intimate environment – for a tiny fraction of that investment. Click here to reserve your space.

Don't Just Learn the Techniques – Experience and Apply Them on the Spot!

Breakthrough to Success is NOT just another feel-good experience where you leave feeling great, but realize a few weeks later that nothing has really changed. In today's world, rah-rah rallies just won't cut it.

Instead, you'll be immersed in a complete participatory experience in which you'll actually feel and see things change right before your very eyes. You'll participate in very special exercises that will help you to make major shifts and life changes quickly and easily.

Not only is it experiential in nature… Breakthrough to Success lasts long enough to allow you to get rid of your old "stuff"… and replace it with new "stuff" that supports the outcomes you want in your life. This is VERY important … which is why this event is 5 days long.

A Unique Gala Celebration of Your Own Future Achievements

Also included in the program is a unique event that will forever reinforce in your mind’s eye the future you want to live - giving your brain an exciting and powerful vision that it will pursue relentlessly until it’s achieved.

It’s based on Jack’s proven principle that of the best ways to automatically increase your success is to “act as if.” Acting as if sends powerful commands to your subconscious mind to find creative ways to achieve your goals. And it sends it a powerful message to the universe about what you want to achieve.

To help you set your intentions, the final evening of the training concludes with a Gala Celebration where you’ll not only a festive dinner, but also attend a unique "Come As You'll Be in Five Years" Party - all included in your tuition!

If you haven't read about this event in Jack’s bestselling book, The Success Principles (pages 93-97), get ready for one of the highlights of the training!

At the gala "Come As You'll Be" Party, we'll ask you to attend - not as you are today - but as you'll be five years from now!

You'll imagine it's 2019 and all of the goals you wanted to accomplish by then have already come to pass. You'll be asked to talk the part, act the part, dress the part and enjoy the praise of other attendees. For instance, if your dream is to become a best-selling author, come to the party as if five years have passed and you’re a celebrated, successful best-selling author!

Network and Build Relationships with High Achievers from Around the World

Jack’s programs attract top achievers from around the globe. Breakthrough to Success attendees include leading entrepreneurs, top-level educators, well-respected authors, highly-regarded therapists and counselors, respected coaches and transformational trainers who are among the leading thinkers of our day ... plus hundreds of everyday people who excel (and who hope to excel further) at their chosen path and profession.

You'll meet top achievers from all over the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, Africa, and Central America. Last year, there were participants from 18 countries!

Just think what you could do in your life by connecting with a valuable network of like-minded achievers from around the globe. Just think about the conversations, ideas, and dialogue that will occur within the group – these are people that talk about MUCH MORE than the weather - they talk about dreams, goals, tools, strategies and cultural exchange... conversations that will up-level and enhance your life.

Ready to connect with an extraordinary group of high achievers? Reserve your place now...

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BTS 2012
Living a rich, full and more meaningful life...
"BTS was an amazing experience to say the least. It was a chance to really focus on where I am going, how to get there and how to push through the roadblocks that stand in the way. BTS has helped me along the road to a much more rich, full and meaningful life. Thank you Jack!"

- Dr. Kenneth Cole
Founder, SuccessTalks Training & Coaching
"I grew more mentally and spiritually in one week then I have in a decade of working with other systems. The program is clear and concise and packed with tools for any situation. I loved the seminar!"

-Sasha Zanabria
Lakewood, CO
BTS 2012
The Results are Skyrocketing My Life...
"Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success was more than just a 7 day training for me, it was a 7 day revolutionary life-changing experience. Prior to attending, I wasn't completely satisfied with the results I have created for myself as a speaker, success coach, and performer. But after attending this unforgettable journey and implementing powerful success tools I learned from Jack, miracles and results began to skyrocket in my life. I'm consistently receiving opportunities to speak and conduct workshops & seminars nationally and internationally. I'm headlining in newspapers because of my on-going run of an inspirational one-man show I wrote, directed, and performed (a dream I've always had in my heart). I'm also currently directing and writing a television series to inspire teens that dreams can come true. These goals, dreams, and miracles are all owed to attending Breakthrough to Success. Because of Jack Canfield's work I know I'm not just leaving a mark here on earth with my gifts and talents. I'm going to leave a legacy. I know everybody else can too if they just show up. Like I tell my colleagues and audiences, "It's time."

Romeo Marquez Jr.
Youth Motivational Speaker/Success Coach/Director
Hayward, Ca USA
"Extremely valuable information combined with excellent exercises in a remarkable human environment. My experience in BTS was great! I came with a purpose of getting a structure method to get what I want, and left, not only with that, but with a knowledge of myself I have never knew."

-Jaime Zorrilla
Altamira, Mexico
BTS 2012
I have found my life purpose!
"Thank you for a wonderful time. I have now found my life purpose and it is amazing how the "How" keeps coming to me. Every day I get new inspiration and I am looking forward to this coming year (and years). Thank you so much all of you for your love, your commitment, your inspiration, your helpfulness and the work your are doing which has really changed my life!"

-Lotte Vesterli
Occupational therapist, Denmark
"My life will never be the same. In 7 days, I was freed of a lifetime of fears, excuses, and regrets. As a bonus I have met the most amazing people and have gained friendships that will last forever."

-Jeff J. Johnson
Operations manager/new business owner
BTS 2012
More Love, Joy and Freedom in My Life
"Since attending Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success I have experienced more joy, love and freedom in all areas of my life. Before attending I was struggling with finding meaning in my life. Through Jack's cadre of exercises, his authentic sharing, and the support of the BTS community I was finally able to discover why I am alive. Having attended many seminars and workshops over the years I can honestly say that spending a week with Jack is the best time I've ever had. If you are looking to expand your experience of life you must attend Breakthrough to Success!"

Marvin Towler
Founder, Transformational Fitness
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