What if I told you that my most successful
life and business ventures resulted from my
"Internal State of Being" - regardless of what
was happening externally in my life…

Now I Want to Help You Design and Attain
Your Next Level of Success and Fulfill
Your Soul's Purpose ... Regardless of What's
Taking Place in Your World Today

SPECIAL INVITATION for All Alumni and Graduates:


This November 8 - 12, 2012 - at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego - an amazing group of 100 graduates are coming together to spend five important days with me. Will YOU be there?

Together, I'll be helping you:
• Re-energize Your Life, Your Goals and Your Passions...
• Create the Results You're Looking For...
• Experience More Joy and Peace in Your Day...

• Re-connect to the Feelings, the Mindset and 'Being-ness' of our Last Training Together…

Dear Graduate,

Whether you took my week-long intensive training 20 years ago or just this last August, I’m sure you remember that feeling you had when you walked out of the training room – a feeling of confidence, abundance, endless possibilities… KNOWING you were the architect of your reality, able to create and design just the life you were destined for.

I certainly do...

In fact, what I remember most is the very first day—the expectation, the excitement and the overwhelming question that sat like a silent, but obvious elephant in the room: “Is this training finally the catalyst that will move me forward on my path? What will be different about me this time next week? Will I feel different? How will I know I’m ‘there’? ”

As the week progressed – day after day – we systematically identified the results you wanted to achieve in every area of your life, and once you made that discovery... layer upon layer, we worked together to transform you into the person who could confidently create, pursue, and maximize your clearly defined goals..

By the time the week was over, you had new insights and new goals with detailed action plans – not to mention a new mindset, didn’t you?

Are You Ready to Re-Ignite Those Insights and
Take the Next Step in the Pursuit of Your Best Life?

Take a moment to review how far you've come since our last training together.

Are you where you want to be? Could you advance even more?

Are you ready to step-up and play a BIGGER game in life?

I hope so. Because this November, I want to invite YOU to join me for an extraordinary life-planning and “lifestyle designing” session. You see, every year, I sit down and re-design my personal and professional goals for the next year – checking off what I’ve accomplished, deleting what may no longer be important to me, and charting out new goals and desires I have and want to achieve. I have been practicing this exercise for over 30 years, and I now know that this focused activity is the reason why I’ve created the level of success I’m experiencing today.

But here’s the key… I never do this exercise alone! I surround myself with like-minded people on my team and we create a future vision together.

This year, I want to personally take you through the same process – by assembling a group of like-minded graduates who want to focus on expanding every area of their life… from their relationships to their career to their finances, health, joy, balance, happiness and more.

I find that – deep down – most of us know what we want, but we simply don’t have the time or the tools to get from where we are to where we want to be. It may be that you need more expertise, more working knowledge, better field experience or simply other resources to make it happen. It may be you need to remove additional limiting beliefs and other barriers that tend to get in your way.

Or it may be that you simply haven’t taken the time to sit down and re-focus on what you want… writing out your goals and getting clear why you’re here.

That’s where my team and I can help – determining exactly what you need, clarifying what steps to take, and giving you the necessary action items to achieve whatever you want over the next phase of your life.

The Fastest, Easiest and Most FUN Way to Crystallize Your Purpose...
so You Can Achieve Effortless Success

Announcing the 2012 Advanced Graduate Training
Limited to 100 Graduates!

The past 18 months, I've been holding small private retreats with extraordinary people at my ocean-front house in Ka’anapali, Hawaii. And what I discovered is that, while the exercises, group experiences, and other activities prepared them for achieving the compelling life they were looking for, what really impacted them the most was learning the importance of “lifestyle mindset.”

In other words, you can know all the strategies and practice all the exercises, but if you haven’t achieved that crucial internal knowing that you’ll get what you want and the equally important continual state of intention, then getting what you want will be more arduous.

Seeing these two phenomena – knowing and intention – at work in Hawaii compelled me to add them to the advanced strategies we’ll use at my upcoming Advanced Training Program, November 8-12 in San Diego.

You’ll discover a new lifestyle mindset – how to live with knowing and intention. Once you learn these powerful tools, you’ll discover that getting what you want is actually effortless. In fact, what you want is simply waiting for you – to decide, and then pursue it with focus, intention and awareness that you’ll ultimately have it.

One graduate of the Advanced Training Program discovered "intentional success." Read what she has to say:


http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png In 2008, I was burned out in a 20 year career as a management consultant. While, BTS helped me to get clear about what I really wanted and taught me how to set goals effectively. I didn’t see how it was possible for me to make a career change given that I was only 49 and we were in the Great Recession.

The Advanced training helped me to clearly understand that my success in life was more dependent on my internal thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs than my external reality (the economy, my age, etc). I learned how to change my mindset to produce the results I wanted. I also learned how important it is to surround yourself with positive people – people playing at a higher level. These are the kind of people that are attracted to Jack’s Advanced trainings.

Just 19 months after taking the Advanced training, I retired at the age of 51. Today, I am living my life on purpose and with passion! http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png

- April E. Hartness President,
TCTL Enterprises Inc.

You Only Get One Chance. Are You Playing Full Out?

Register for Advanced 2012

As you know, working privately with me and my team at the Advanced Training is an experience that is above and beyond most other trainings, seminars or workshops you’ve attended. How do I know this?  Because graduates like you tell me so. In fact, I hear over and over again what a unique opportunity it is to work directly with me – having that personal access that most trainers don’t provide. 

The Advanced Training environment is designed specifically so that  all of us can work together, collaborating in an effort to help you. We (meaning myself, my staff, and my entire assisting team) are committed to working on your personal and professional goals and addressing your unique needs. We’ll help you think through strategies and actions you can implement to get the results you require – in every area of your life.

Additionally, over the last five years, I’ve immersed myself in new and exciting information about the “science” of the brain – how the brain works, how it functions to help us achieve our goals and how we can use it to more fully achieve what we want. This is far more extensive information than I was able to cover in The Success Principles or at the Basic Training, but I’ll be sharing it with you and the rest of the close-knit group of this Advanced Training.

Remember, I’m limiting the Advanced Training to 100 people so we can create an extremely intimate setting that allows you to work more closely with me, the material, and other participants.

Why Mindset and The Brain Is So Important…

One principle I’ll teach at the Advanced Training is that you can’t attract something into your life that’s vibrating at a higher frequency than you are. While that may sound like just more of the latest new-age jargon, recent studies have actually shown that humans, other living beings, and even inanimate objects actually “vibrate” at certain frequencies. Some are higher on the vibrational scale, while others are lower. But the studies show unequivocally that you can’t attract anything into your life that is vibrating at a higher level than you are.

People that are living “the Principles” are constantly raising their level of vibration. And one of my goals with the Advanced Training is to help you attain this higher vibrational state so you’re always on equal footing with that which you want to attract.

I recently received this message from a graduate….

"I've always been a goal setter, achieving slowly over the years. The Advanced Training has put me in overdrive toward my goals and taken the size of my dreams to an entire new level. My accomplishments have been, and will continue to be, amazing and life changing. Thank you Jack!!"

Carol Margolis,
CEO, Smart Women Travelers

Register for Advanced 2012

Create Complete Success Now – And in the Future – in an
Atmosphere of Fun, Joy, Compassion and Camaraderie

The Advanced Training is also conducted in an atmosphere of fun – using dynamic games, interactive exercises and group activities to advance the learning process. The result is that, even though we’ll be doing some very deep and subtle work, your brain actually becomes “re-wired” to be in a state of positive expectation, fun and joy as you manifest.

What are some of the learning games we’ll be playing?

“The Way I Limit Myself Is…”

Have you ever wondered how others can see us limiting ourselves, while we ourselves seem to have perpetual blinders on? Well, one of the things I do in the Advanced Training is to help you take those blinders off permanently – by helping you release a new and more abundant character – your true self.

How does it work exactly?

Without giving too much away, we’ll help you achieve this new state of being through just one of the fun and enlightening games I have planned. I call it the Limiting Roles Exercise, and it will literally allow you to free yourself from your existing limiting behaviors. You’ll then be better able to express your true self and choose powerful and effective behaviors at will – allowing you to move forward more effortlessly on your path!

"The Advanced Seminar allowed me to break through a block that I have always treated as an asset. I finally felt my heart truly open without the interference of my mind. I have a much more peaceful mind, and frankly, I don’t know how my heart fits inside my chest now."

Catherine Wakelin, Ontario, Canada

Work At Every Level of Your Core Being, Including
Some Levels You May Not Be Maximizing Now

Every one of us has – at our core being – five different “states” that control how we think, act, react and respond to life. These states can be altered and heightened at any time provided you have the knowledge and tools to do so.

During the Advanced Training, I'll not only spend time teaching you a number of processes for maximizing these five states, I'll help you hone your skills for changing these states at will.

It's from these individually heightened states that you can access your "Higher Self" - which help you capture the abundance of opportunity, riches and enjoyment life has waiting for you.

You'll learn how to master your:

CheckMENTAL State – During the Basic Training, you learned how to create a more positive attitude. Attend the Advanced Training and you can expect to be much more pro-active. You’ll be able to constantly maintain a positive mental attitude no matter which drama-of-the-day is circulating around you. You’ll also have a much clearer sense of your game plan for creating your idea future. You’ll be clear about your vision for the coming year and your specific goals and objectives.

CheckEMOTIONAL State – Don’t wait for outside influences to keep you high on life. Create your own high emotional state with the techniques I’ll teach you!

CheckIMAGINAL State – The most successful people in the world day-dream constantly – they visualize what their ultimate future could be and use these visualization techniques to develop a game plan for achieving these outcomes. This is deeper work than anything you learned in the Basic Training. You’ll learn to deliberately and consistently use your imagination positively rather than in unconscious, negative ways such as worrying. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to build and maintain a positive self-image so you easily and confidently reach your desired outcomes!

CheckPHYSICAL State – Do you want a healthier and more energetic body, better sleep, or a calmer demeanor? At the Advanced Training, I’ll help you develop a greater sense of relaxation and centeredness in your life – so you face less stress and are less encumbered by the health challenges that stress brings.

CheckESSENTIAL Self – Nobody wants to live with negative feelings of alienation, resignation, pain or hopelessness. That’s why connecting with your Higher Self and consistently accessing the optimum qualities of the higher self, such as joy, love and abundance, is so essential.

Just by learning to create, maintain, and maximize these five states with me at the Advanced Training, you could be experiencing life shifts like these...


http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png Jack you never cease to amaze. I didn’t know how much deeper I could go after Basic Training, but the Advanced Training introduced me to myself on such an emotional level, my transformation here was twice as powerful as before.http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png

- Sean Smith, Moorpark, CA
Founder, MVP Success Systems, Inc


http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png Although BTS is an amazing experience, Advanced was truly life-changing. The setting is more intimate, so you really get to know the group. The exercises will really help you go much deeper, and there will be blocks removed that you didn't even know were there. I wish everyone could go to Advanced, it is even more in-depth than BTS, yet still has the things we loved, such as heart hugs and 5 year come as you will be party. I see BTS as opening the door, and Advanced carrying you on wings through it to your new life!http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png

- CK Brown


http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.pngWhen I knew I wanted to write my book, Networking Is A Contact Sport to reach more than just my kids, I signed up for Jack's Advanced Breakthrough Training. During that experience I was able to quickly get focused, make a plan and determine how to keep myself energized during the long haul that led me to becoming a New York Times bestselling author. I can't thank him and his team enough for their guidance.http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png

- Joe Sweeney,
Investment Banker and New York Times Bestselling Author
#1 USA Today and #2 Wall Street Journal bestseller

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Meet People from Around the World… From All Different Backgrounds and Professions… All Manifesting Extraordinary Outcomes in Their Lives,
As Well As Supporting Each Other

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, a salesperson, a teacher, or a lawyer. If you have a clear game plan for accomplishing the goals that you want for the year and a complete blueprint for how to do that, you WILL succeed. It doesn’t really matter what profession or circumstances you’re in.

At the Advanced Training, you’ll meet other like-minded graduates from around the world who’ve made the choice to advance their lives, and take action!


http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png The Advanced Seminar is absolutely life changing! I see possibility in places that I never did before. I feel more self-confident than at any other time in my life, and I’ve connected with people more deeply than I ever though possible. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png

- Elizabeth Lefsky,
Westminister, CO

At the Beginning of this Letter I Asked You
to Remember How You Felt on the Very Last Day
of of Your First Training with Me...

What would your life be like if you could create that feeling every day of your future?

Remember how you felt? Are you still feeling that way now? Do you have the necessary support system of like-minded people around you?

If the answer is no, please join me this November 8-12 and re-establish the practices you need to create the life you want and deserve. Join this amazing group of individuals committed to going to that next level!

Whatever it is you want to accomplish - after five days together - you'll emerge with a renewed passion for your life along with the tools, mindset and the supportive environment need to purposely pursue your life's goals and passions.

Develop Accountability Partners and a Mastermind Group
of Like-Minded Super-Achievers

Just to be sure you’re working your plan once you return home; I’ll work with you on developing your own personal mastermind group and accountability partnership if yours are no longer intact. Together, you and your fellow participants will master more of The Success Principles – including forming and planning outcomes from your own individual mastermind groups. If you don’t have your own working and productive mastermind group or accountability partner, together we’ll make sure you do by the time you leave this training. Many long-lasting and highly-effective groups have been created at this event in the past!

Think of your new group as your own personal network of top advisors, coaches, business strategists and mentors. That’s the level of expertise, dedication, and loyalty you’ll discover amongst the people who attend the Advanced Training.

Join Me at the 2012 Advanced Graduate Training
November 8 - 12, 2012 Paradise Point Resort, San Diego, CA

You’ve already done the work of the Basic Training. Now you’re ready to go to the next level! I believe I’ve created that next step for you and have structured a compassionate and supportive group training setting that is not only much more productive – but it’s a much more joyful experience for me as well as the participants who attend. In other words, get ready to learn, but also get ready to have a lot of fun in the process!

While other programs might teach you what to do, the Advanced Training actually teaches you how to be in a state that automatically attracts higher RESULTS allowing for more abundance, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. Success – as you define it – actually becomes effortless and a lot more fun.

Register for Advanced 2012

With everything I have in store for you –with all the focused group effort focused on your future – this program could easily be priced at $15,000 and up … the same prices I charge for my exclusive Platinum Program and Hawaii retreats.  But as a Basic Training graduate and future Advanced Training student, I want to help you bring about the compelling lifestyle, exciting career, supportive relationships and overflowing riches you’ve dreamed about – for far less than my more expensive small-group programs.  In fact, if you enroll today, I’ll ask my staff to lower your tuition from the regular price of $3,495 to just $2,995* -- for all five days of the training, plus delicious and healthy networking lunches every day.

Plus, because I know how important this training will be for your future, I've arranged for you to secure your seat with a payment plan with zero interest.

I don’t think I could be much fairer than that.

Plus, if you’re a RETURNING ADVANCED GRADUATE, you qualify to attend this newly-redesigned 5-Day Advanced Training at a generously discounted "Return and Learn" tuition rate. Please inquire with us by phone at (805) 563-2935 ext. 12 to confirm your prior attendance and register to join us again this year!

Register for Advanced 2012

That tuition, by the way, also includes our VERY SPECIAL Gala Celebration where we’ll enjoy not only a festive dinner, but a unique “Come As You’ll Be in 5 Years” Party!

Remember, this is all included in your tuition!

If you haven’t yet experienced or read about this event in my book, The Success Principles (pages 93-97), get ready for one of the highlights of the training!

At the gala “Come As You’ll Be” Party and Celebration, we’ll ask you to attend – not as you are today – but as you’ll be 5 years from now!

You'll imagine it’s 2017 and all of the goals you wanted to accomplish by then have already come to pass. You’ll be asked to talk the part, act the part, dress the part and enjoy the praise of the other attendees. For instance, if your dream is to become a best-selling author, you'll come to the party as if 5 years have passed and you were in fact a best-selling author!

I first attended a Come As You’ll Be Party in 1986 and it changed my life!

It’s an amazing activity because when you maintain a future persona and act as if you have achieved all of your wildest aspirations and dreams, your subconscious mind becomes flooded with powerful images of your personal achievements. These vivid experiences, infused with the positive emotions generated by the events of the evening, will deeply strengthen the positive neural pathways in your brain that forge and deepen your new super-successful self-image.

In other words, an activity like this actually changes your subconscious mind’s way of thinking so that it will later support you in more easily perceiving opportunities, creating powerful solutions, attracting the right people, and taking the necessary actions to achieve your dreams and goals.

Plus, the party is just plain fun!

I achieved everything I acted out in that party I attended in 1986. And so have thousands of graduates from my previous trainings.

Where Will The Advanced Training Take Place?

Paradise Point

Your training location is the beautiful Paradise Point Resort & Spa, is a private 44-acre island tucked away on gentle Mission Bay, minutes from the heart of downtown San Diego. This Four-Diamond San Diego luxury resort features comfortable, California beach bungalow-style guest rooms amidst lush, tropical gardens and meandering lagoons.

Conveniently located just a short taxi ride from the San Diego Airport, we've also arranged for a very special sleeping room rate of $159/night (plus room tax) for single or double occupancy. This special room rate is only for our training and is only available for a limited time. Accommodations are on a first-come, first-served basis, so we highly recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible.

Once you register for the training, we'll send you a complete welcome packet including details on reserving your hotel room at our discounted rate.

Register Now by Clicking Through to
My Secure Registration Page
Register for Advanced 2012
Or, call my office at (805) 563-2935 and register over the phone!
Don’t miss out on this chance to advance to the next level - by working with me at the Advanced Training this November 8 through 12th!


http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png This seminar will change your life! The facilitation, tools, exercises, and resources are exceptional. I’ve received and been inspired more than I could have imagined. And… it’s so much more than a motivational “pump up”. It’s practical, useful, and structured so that you will apply the tools for immediate results. http://www.canfieldtrainings.com/images/rebranding2/quote-left.png

- Jeanne-Marie Grumet,
Novato, CA
CEO, Communication Catalysts

This Training Usually Fills to Capacity, So Please
Register Now if You're Positive You Want to Attend

I look forward to seeing you in November!
Until then…


Love, Joy and Unlimited Success to You,


Jack Canfield, CEO
The Canfield Training Group

P.S. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." It’s now your turn to make the decision to take that first step. I will support you all the way to create the life you've always wanted, and deserve, for yourself.