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Over 5 Powerful Days, Jack Will Personally Help You Attain the Exciting Life You Envision for Yourself!

Why Do Some People Achieve Astounding Success…Almost Effortlessly?


Have you ever wondered why some people work hard and achieve only a moderate level of success … while others seem to achieve massive success -- often effortlessly -- in everything they do?

The secret is aligning your goals with your life's purpose and passions. The more your goals are aligned with your purpose, the more fun you'll have… and the more easily you'll achieve the success you desire.

Just like a mechanic would pop the hood of your car to show you how the engine works, Jack will give you a user-friendly, easy-to-understand model that describes the 7 key areas that make up "you" … and how to align, develop and utilize them all to create massive success.

Starting on day one, you'll take stock of where you are now… identifying the obstacles that are getting in your way, and getting in touch with who "you" are. You'll also get clear on what you really want from life. You may be surprised to learn it's not what you think it is—not on the surface. People grow, priorities change, you have more life experience and have seen more comparisons of what you want, versus what you don’t want. But...when was the last time you really took stock and discovered what you want today?

Once you've made that discovery...

Jack will work with you acquire the confidence, internal skills, passion and focus you need to create, pursue, and maximize those new goals.

Through Jack’s comprehensive process, you will begin to:

  • Take full ownership of your life – and your results.. Despite what many people believe, you are in complete control of your experience. Unfortunately, most people abdicate responsibility for their life. Not you! Here’s how to reclaim your power.
  • Discovering Your Life Purpose. Discover 2 enlightening exercises that will reveal your life’s purpose – the real reason that you, as a unique human being, are here. Then strategically and consciously reorganize your life, your time, your energy and resources allowing you to effortlessly live your purpose.
  • Cultivate a mindset of success. Even if you’re able to hold a vision of what you want to achieve, self-limiting beliefs can prevent you from achieving the happiness and success you desire. Through powerful exercises, you'll let go of any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating the life you want ... and erase misconceptions you may have that dictate your current life experiences. End result? You’ll “rewire” your mind ... and master proven processes that will help you win the inner game of success.
  • Activate the Law of Attraction. Most people achieve only limited success with the Law of Attraction because of 3 critical errors. You’ll discover what these errors are ... and the complete process that’s needed to unleash the power of this universal law.
  • Become unstoppable. Achieving success—no matter what—is a combination of powerful inner work and practical action. Discover the core set of principles, habits and tools you can use daily to make steady, relentless progress toward your goals ... despite any setbacks, challenges, rejection and failures you may encounter.
  • Release the past. Trying to reach the pinnacles of success without releasing your past is like trying to scale a mountain with a full set of luggage. It’s difficult, if not impossible. The past is intricately tied to our success, because the lessons of the past are what helped us cultivate our current beliefs and habits – both good and bad. Discover easy-to-use processes for healing old wounds, moving past painful experiences, securing the encouragement and support you need, and releasing negative emotions as they arise.
  • Learn the art of honest communication. When you’re simply being honest is a tough conversation or leading groups of students through transformational workshops—you need powerful techniques for connecting deeply with the other party. Jack will teach you the art of the “Heart Talk,” a way of communicating honestly, openly, truthfully and in ways that uplift both you and the other party.
  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. Self-esteem is essential for success. The more you have, the more likely you are to take the risks that will lead to greater success. You’ll practice processes that you can use to build and protect your self-esteem daily.

The #1 Benefit You’ll Receive From Breakthrough to Success

Jack has spent the last 40 years literally doing your homework for you - compiling, editing, then testing each and every principle you are about to experience with real people just like you. He has cultivated the most effective processes and developed the quickest methods possible for getting you the results you want and deserve - all in a learning environment that is fun-filled and supportive.

According to more than 5,000 graduates of Breakthrough to Success stands out for 7 key reasons:

1 It Applies to All Areas of Your Life. Your life has many dimensions– professional, personal, health, emotional, spiritual, and financial. The principles are universal and can be applied to any goal.
1 It Adopts a Holistic Approach. Human beings are complex creatures. In fact, there are 6 distinct psychological functions that can – and should – be utilized if you want to achieve maximum success. Jack teaches a holistic model that incorporates all functions... and produces results that will exceed your expectations.
1 It Balances Inner and Outer Work. Your “outer world” – that is, your results – reflect your “inner world,” such as the feelings you have, the beliefs you hold, and the decisions you make. To dramatically increase success, you must create the mindset of success ... as well as develop the habits and actions that will lead to success. Focusing on only one aspect, as most other workshops do, will limit your results. Breakthrough to Success helps you develop both the mindset and habits of success.
1 Jack Gives You Step by Step Direction on How to Achieve Success. Adopting new techniques and habits can increase your success. But if you want consistent, dramatic results that you can reproduce in any situation, you need more than just a collection of tools. You need to know what to do—and in which order to do it. That’s what you’ll get at Breakthrough to Success.
1 It’s Experiential. Lectures deliver information. But if you want to transform and remember the information, you must have experiences. At Breakthrough to Success, lectures are minimal...instead you’ll be fully engaged through transformational exercises, personal interactions, meditations, games, small-group activities and more.
1 It’s JUST JACK, All the Time. Jack facilitates the entire week unlike many trainings which bring you speaker after speaker. He knows that you’re investing significant time and money to attend Breakthrough to he’s committed to giving you the experience of a lifetime.
1 It’s all about YOU. At Breakthrough to Success, you’ll discover who YOU really are...and that being yourself 100% is the ultimate key to attracting the success that is meant only for you. The more you can simply BE you...the more easily you’ll discover and live your purpose. The more easily you’ll identify – and attract – exactly what you want. And the more easily you’ll summon the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Get Ready for a Massive Interior Renovation

During Breakthrough to Success, you'll wash away the beliefs, experiences, and habits that aren't in alignment with who you are (and which won’t support who you want to be in future)—leaving you ready to create massive, new success in your life.

Using a proven systems of strategies and principles, Jack will prepare you to achieve any goal you can dream of. And you'll emerge with a new mindset, new skillset and a clear path of where you're going - and how to get there! Plus, you’ll gain a new support team you didn’t even know existed.

If you're ready to wake up every day to a life that inspires and exhilarates you, click here to get more details about what you'll discover.

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Jack Gave Me Clarity and Courage…
"I attended Jack's Breakthrough to Success training with a goal of figuring out how I would write my book. My week with Jack, gave me the clarity, the courage - and the road map to move forward. 14 months later, I published my first book: Networking is a Contact Sport. The book became a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-sellers. I don't think any of that would have happened without my experience with Jack at Breakthrough to Success. When I look at things, I study the return on investment. And the return on investment for my week at BTS is off the charts - both in time and money!"

-Joe Sweeney
Entrepreneur, Investment Banker and Bestselling Author
Networking is a Contact Sport
BTS 2012
A Mind, Body, Spirit vacation…
"Breakthrough to Success is a mind, body a spirit vacation in a beautiful setting, supported and surrounded by like-minded people that gives you the opportunity to re-charge your life, and get clear about where you're heading!"

- Carol Talbot
NLP Expert, Master Trainer & Professional Speaker
Matrix Training Solutions, Dubai, UAE
"BTS has made a profound impact on my life. I let go of limiting beliefs that have been there for decades. I have a clear vision of my purpose in life which enables me to focus my energy. Jack is a true gift to humanity! "

-Sander Van Eekelen
Berkel-Enschot, Netherlands
"Our business doubled in six months after leaving BTS!"
"I believe and recommend this course to absolutely everyone. Our business doubled in six months after leaving Breakthrough to Success! This course empowers and instills clarity for all who attend. Jack and staff are absolutely the most sincere group of people I have ever worked with."

-Doug Wittal
President of DW Builders
Kamloops, British Columbia
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